Panel Sessions

Panel Sessions

7A – Aspiring Engineer of Record (EOR)

9 November at 10:30 AM

The tailings dam engineer of record (EOR) is an important, rewarding, challenging, and sometimes misunderstood role. Due to a variety of factors, there is demand for additional qualified EORs both now and into the foreseeable future. The purpose of this panel session is to provide younger staff and aspiring EORs a variety of perspectives regarding the role and provide an opportunity to ask any questions regarding the EoR position. Panelists will include current and aspiring EORs, as well as mine owners.


Julia Steele, Director for the Canadian Mine Waste Business Unit, WSP-Golder

Julia Steele is the Director for the Canadian Mine Waste Business Unit, leading over 140 professionals at WSP-Golder. She has 20 years’ experience in geotechnical engineering for mining and civil projects in Canada and abroad and is the EoR of two tailings dams. Julia has a particular interest and drive to find unique strategies for her clients to reduce risk to people and the environment. Her experience includes tailings co-management facility design, tailings dam design, dam/facility safety inspections and reviews, waste rock spoil stability and run-out analyses, run out mitigation structure design, natural and constructed slope stability evaluations, and foundation designs of various civil structures. She is active in the Canadian Dam Association and has recently co-authored the new guidance document on Environmental Consequence Classification for Tailings Dams.

Chris Anderson, Director of Tailings, Teck Resources Limited

Chris Anderson in the Director of Tailings at Teck Resources Limited, leading the corporate tailings governance program. He has 24 years of consulting and management experience in the mining industry in North and South America and has led technical and operations teams through all stages of project development and operations. Chris participates in several industry associations, including the ICMM Tailings Working Group, Mining Association of Canada Tailings Working group, and Canadian Dam Association Mining Dams Committee. He is also an invited industry representative on the BC Code Review Tailings Sub-Committee that is in progress of updating the regulatory requirements for tailings in the province. His focus is on evolving the practice of tailings management by leveraging the current wave of technology and innovation initiatives to more effectively incorporate sustainability, risk management, and community perspectives into decision making.

Melanie Davis, Principal Geotechnical Engineer, Stantec

Melanie Davis is a principal geotechnical engineer at Stantec with over 25 years of experience in geotechnical and geo-environmental engineering primarily for mine design, permitting, reclamation and remediation. She manages large mine reclamation and remediation projects for hard rock and uranium mine sites, as well as projects focused on tailings management stewardship and dam safety. These projects include overseeing large diverse technical teams and working with several different regulatory agencies and stakeholders. Melanie is currently the EoR of for five tailings dams across three different sites.

Kurt Schimpke, Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Barr Engineering Co.

Kurt Schimpke is a senior geotechnical engineer for Barr Engineering Co. in Minneapolis, MN. He provides tailings management services to mining clients, including alternatives studies, dam design, instrumentation monitoring, dam safety inspections, and third-party reviews. He has been involved in projects across Minnesota, Canada, and the Middle East. In addition, he serves on the Tailings and Mine Waste conference’s organizing committee, ASDSO Tailings Regulatory Committee, and is a past-president of the Minnesota Geotechnical Society. Kurt serves as the deputy EoR of an active tailings facility in northern Minnesota and supports EoRs at several other facilities.

Laura Fidel, Senior Geotechnical Engineer, WSP E&I Canada Ltd

Laura Fidel is a senior geotechnical engineer at WSP E&I Canada Ltd. with over 17 years of experience in geotechnical engineering. Her experience is primarily with the geotechnical aspects of mining projects, specifically the design, construction, operation and closure of earth and rockfill embankments. Her experience is currently focused on project management of mining and waste containment facilities. She has been involved in projects across Canada and in Russia. As a project manager and project engineer, she works closely with EoRs. She has a unique perspective on the role of an EoR as a professional in the ever-evolving mining industry.


Ryan Shedivy, Senior Geotechnical Engineer, WSP-Golder

Ryan Shedivy is a senior geotechnical engineer at WSP-Golder with experience leading interdisciplinary teams in the mining, power, and solid waste industries. His design experience ranges from conceptual level design and cost estimation through permitting and issued for construction level design and bid package development in support of tailings, waste dump, heap leach, coal combustion residual, and landfill facilities. He is currently the deputy EoR of two closed and two active tailings facilities.

8A – EOR Best Practices – 9 November at 1:30 PM

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