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The Tailings and Mine Waste Conference offers exceptional opportunities to participate as a sponsor at one of the most respected and established mining conferences in the world. Support and make an impact on leaders and experts in the field of tailings management.

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  • Showcase your brand to an informed and influential, international audience;
  • Build and enhance relationships with key industry decision makers and your target audience;
  • Differentiate your company’s latest technology and trends from competitors and other innovators in the field; and
  • Network and partner with mining executives, investors and industry leaders.

The Audience

The attendees for this conference will include mine waste managers, tailings management and reclamation engineers, geotechnical engineers, company executives, regulators, and researchers.

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If you are interested in sponsoring the 2024 Tailings and Mine Waste Conference, please email our Event Manager, Melissa McRitchie, at to request the sponsorship prospectus or to discuss the opportunities that best suit your organization’s needs.

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