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Students who are currently registered at an accredited school in a full time program are invited to volunteer at the Tailings and Mine Waste 2023 Conference. Volunteering at the conference is a great way to add to your resume and have the opportunity to network with professionals, increase career prospects and gain access to this exclusive event!

Please fill out the Volunteer Application Form to be considered for a volunteer position.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifies me as a student volunteer?

To qualify for a volunteer position, you must be currently enrolled in a full time college or university program and provide your student card as proof of enrollment. Undergraduate and graduate students welcome. We will also accept students who are starting a program in September 2023 and request including an admission approval letter from the school in your application form.

Will I receive complimentary registration?

Yes, with a commitment of a minimum of 8 volunteer hours, registration for the conference is complimentary. Once we have confirmed your application and registration is open, we will send you a code to register for the conference. Your registration will include a full in-person conference pass, including all meals.

What benefits would I gain from volunteering?

Volunteering at our event offers a unique opportunity to gain experience, learn about job opportunities and network with professionals. This is an invaluable addition to your resume, especially if you’ve never had such an experience before.

I’m new to Canada. Can this volunteering opportunity be considered as work experience?

Yes, for some student volunteers, this event can provide your very first Canadian work experience. This could be a significant milestone, particularly for those looking to establish a career in Canada.

Are accommodations covered for student volunteers?

We have negotiated excellent room rates at the venue hotel for delegates and student volunteers. Organizing and purchasing accommodations is up to the student. Please find a link to book a hotel at the venue here.

When will I know my schedule?

We will notify you of your schedule approximately 1 month before the conference.

Will I be scheduled for the exact times I have requested?

We will do our best to accommodate all schedule requests. We may need you to stay 15 – 20 minutes longer than your scheduled time or we may schedule you at a different time than requested if we have too many volunteers for the same hours.

Is there a dress code?

Business casual attire is required during the conference.

What kind of tasks can I be expected to do?

Student volunteers will be requested to provide support to the event management team for the following tasks which include, but are not limited to:

1) Morning setup – this would involve setting up the registration desk, signage etc.

2) Registration desk support – the registration desk will serve as a central location for conference delegates and attendees to contact for any conference related queries. While volunteering at the registration desk, your role will be to:

– Greet people

– Hand out registration badges

– Answer general inquiries

3) Session room monitor – the conference will have technical sessions and short courses in various rooms in the venue. In this role, the volunteer will sit in the session and be available for the following support:

– Provide support to speaker, or moderator

– Help with handing out speaker gifts

– General admin/support during session

4) General conference support as needed.

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