Message from the Chair

July 21, 2020

On behalf of the Tailings and Mine Waste Conference Committee, I hope that you are all in good health.  The past few months have been challenging for everybody as we continue to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.  Although we have made progress in our fight against COVID-19 and our ability to stay productive during these challenging times, we fear this pandemic will keep influencing our lives for the foreseeable future.

Nevertheless, the Tailings and Mine Waste Conference Committee remains committed to putting on the best conference possible in November.  Since we still have some time, we are preparing for one of two potential conference formats in November: (i) hybrid or (ii) virtual.  The hybrid conference would allow those capable and willing to travel to Colorado the opportunity to engage in a classical conference format, while also providing content online.  The virtual option will be completely online.  We are moving forward with these two options, as we will absolutely offer online content for participants that are not able to travel. We anticipate that the online content will include both live-streaming (e.g., keynote lectures) and on-demand sessions such that we reach a balance that provides the most attractive and beneficial options to all of our participants. Based on these plans, we will offer an “online-only” registration at a reduced fee. Furthermore, we will allow participants to decide whether they attend online or on-site as late as possible.

The past few months have been challenging and have required us to change our lives. However, we hope that the COVID-19 pandemic does not end the conference experience we all value. There are necessary changes that we will implement this year, and we want to make changes that most benefit all of you, our authors, exhibitors, delegates, colleagues, and friends. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns as we approach 15 November 2020 to kick off Tailings and Mine Waste.  We greatly value your opinion and will consider all feedback on how we can create the best conference considering our situation.

We will keep you informed with further details as they become clear.

Best regards,

Christopher Bareither, PhD, PE
Chair, Tailings and Mine Waste Conference Committee