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Liz Karbashewski

Liz Karbashewski, Ph.D.
Manager, Applied Research & Development
Teck Resources Limited

Liz Karbashewski is the Manager of Research and Development for the Coal Business Unit of Teck Resources Ltd., Canada.  She has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Waterloo and has 30+ years of experience in industrial research and development, focusing on technology scale-up in the manufacturing and mining sectors. Scale-up successes include the development of a higher productivity catalyst for polyethylene manufacturing and saturated rock fills for the treatment of mine contact water. 

Liz manages a portfolio of 20+ projects spanning fundamental source term studies, tank-based water treatment, in situ water treatment, and developing source control approaches to manage water quality. 

Liz lives in Fernie, British Columbia, has three daughters, and enjoys skiing and hiking.