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Jon Lapwood

Jon Lapwood
Principal Advisor Major Hazards, Surface Mining Centre of Excellence

Rio Tinto

Jon Lapwood is the Principal Advisor Major Hazards in Rio Tinto’s Surface Mining Centre of Excellence. Jon is a geotechnical engineer with a broad range of experience in open pit mining operations, data integration and analysis, and the design, development and implementation of systems. He has a strong interest in geotechnical monitoring instrumentation, data, software and technologies and how these can be an integral part of effective risk management in dynamic mining environments.

Jon’s current role includes the provision of technical guidance, technical support and undertaking second-line assurance activities for the business. He is currently the project lead for the implementation of the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management for Rio Tinto’s diverse portfolio of tailings facilities, and is coordinating the implementation efforts across the business. Jon also leads a new project which will combine geotechnical data with other technical and business information for enhanced understanding and improved oversight of Rio Tinto’s major hazards.