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Ed McRoberts

Ed McRoberts, FCAE FEIC PhD Eng Geotechnical

WSP Canada

Dr. Ed McRoberts graduated from Whitehorse High and joined the Canadian Army in 1961, received a BSc at University of Alberta in 1967 and a MSc at Imperial College in 1968. He left the Royal Canadian Engineers with the Rank of Captain in 1971, including a stint at the Royal Military College as an Assistant Professor.

He began a PhD in Permafrost Engineering at UofA in 1971 and joined R.M.Hardy and Associates in 1973 where he worked on permafrost related projects until 1977 at which time he began assignments on what was then called the Tar Sands.  Ed has primarily been involved in projects in Western Canada and the North, but has been involved with assignments in Ireland, Bolivia, Chile, China and the USA.

Ed’s Honors include CDA Inge Anderson Award of Merit (2020), CGS 43rd Leggett Medal (2012), Engineering Institute of Canada: Julian C. Smith Medal (2004), FCAE (2002) and FEIC (2001)