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Dipo Omotoso

Dipo Omotoso, P.Eng, Ph.D, MBA, doEM Solutions

Dr. Dipo Omotoso’s educational background is in metallurgical engineering and business administration for sustainable development. He has spent his over 25-year career developing technologies for mineral and oil sands processes. He started his career with CANMET Energy (Natural Resources Canada) in Alberta where he co-developed the use of CO2 for fluid tailings treatment in 2000, a technology that was commercialized by CNRL in 2009.

He was also part of the Suncor-CANMET team that developed the mature fine tailings (MFT) drying technology commercialized by Suncor in 2009. He joined Suncor in 2009 as a technology advisor to their MFT drying operation. While at Suncor, he co-developed several new process technologies in areas ranging from bitumen and heavy mineral extraction to tailings treatment. More recently, he led the technology team that developed PASS (Permanent Aquatic Storage Structure for Fluid Fine Tailings) from concept to commercial startup in 2018. He retired from Suncor in 2022 to form an engineering consulting firm (doEM solutions). His firm leverages artificial intelligence and physics-based modelling for strategic decision making in resource and process technology development.

Dipo has published dozens of articles in peer reviewed journals, several book chapters and patents, and a few hundred research reports in oil sands and mineral processing. Dipo was the winner of the 2004 Reynolds cup in quantitative mineralogy and a 2013 co-winner of the Charles Hatchet award for material design with niobium.