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Angela Küpper

Angela Küpper, PhD, P.Eng, Director and Principal Geotechnical Engineer, BGC Engineering Inc.

Dr. Angela Küpper, Ph.D., P.Eng. (BC, AB, NU, NWT), F.E.I.C. has more than forty years of experience in design, construction, rehabilitation and independent reviews of earthfill dams, including tailings dams and water retention dams for power generation and water supply. She has worked throughout the Americas, Africa and Asia. Angela’s doctoral thesis was on the topic of the design and construction of tailings dams.  She has been responsible for numerous dam and waste dump projects as a designer, engineer-of-record, expert consultant and independent reviewer.  In the mining industry, her experience includes gold, copper, magnetite, bauxite, nickel, mixed metals, iron, coal, and oil sands.

Over the last 20 years, Angela has been retained as an independent reviewer for large water retention dams and tailings facilities and she serves on independent review boards for some of the largest global mining companies. She has been a member of the committee that updated the Canadian Dam Safety Guidelines, and more recently she was a member of the Expert Panel that authored the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management (GISTM). She was selected as the 2011 Distinguished Lecturer of the ASCE/University of California, Berkeley where she spoke on the topic of design and performance of earth fill dams and the 2019 Distinguished Lecturer of the University of British Columbia, Geological Engineering where she spoke on risk management of tailings facilities. She was inducted in 2021 as a Fellow of the Engineering Institute of Canada Fellow for “exceptional contributions to engineering in Canada”.