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2024 Conference Committee

Technical Committee

Chris Bareither
Conference Chair

Colorado State University

Joe Scalia
Conference Co-Chair

Colorado State University

Nicholas Rocco
Technical Program Co-Chair

NewFields Mining Design & Technical Services

Organizing Committee

Marie-Josée Banwell

Business Development Manager, TRE Altamira Inc

Jason Cumbers

Principal Engineer, Stantec

Zach Fox

Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Knight Piésold Consulting

Jean Kugel

Senior Engineer,
BGC Engineering

Doug Oliver

Principal Hydrogeologist, FloSolutions

Randal Osicki

Associate | Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Thurber Engineering Ltd.

Sam Rivet

Senior Solutions Manager, MineBridge Software Inc.

Kurt J. Schimpke

Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Barr Engineering Co.

Ryan Shedivy

Assistant Vice President, Geological Engineer/ Mine Waste Mountain Team Leader, WSP USA Inc.

Shawn Steiner

Manager – USA West, ConeTec

Aaron Tomkins

Principal Geoscientist, GBG Group

Oliver Whatnall

VP, Americas, Jord International

Zygi Zurakowski

Principal Engineer, Water and Geotechnical Engineering, Newmont